Education Sites

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Since 2011, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand – 12 project sites

Asia is the newest region for our organization. LeadaChild works with the leaders and missionaries serving at Lutheran churches near our Project Sites to monitor these programs. The distant location limits regular travel to these countries: however, like our West African sites, we hope to develop one or two educational hubs that exist to develop future leaders for the Church, local schools, and the community.


Since 1995, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti – 35 project sites

Many of the Lutheran churches in the neighboring countries around Guatemala were interested in receiving support for their educational ministries (especially when some of the graduates of the program in Zacapa moved to these countries); therefore, LeadaChild began to spread throughout Central America and eventually into Haiti. Political and social upheaval in these places have created tension, turmoil, and financial stress on families and local churches. Still, God continues to open doors for children to attend Lutheran schools and afterschool programs; we pray that we can continue to visit and provide needed support and professional development opportunities for the teachers and leaders.


Since 1968, 22 project sites

Our ministry began in Zacapa, Guatemala where Jim and Edie Jorns opened a Boarding House, allowing children from outlying villages to receive a Christian education at the Lutheran school. The LeadaChild committee, comprised of church and community leaders throughout Guatemala (many of whom are former LeadaChild scholarship students), oversee the project sites. Our staff in Guatemala also serves our ministry by collaborating and communicating with all of our Latin American sites.


Since 2002Lutheran School in Bethlehem

The Lutheran school in Bethlehem is located in a unique and challenging location. Many Palestinian children are receiving an excellent education in the City of David where Christ was born; LeadaChild supports the afterschool program in fine arts and Christian education.



Since 1991, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela – 8 project sites

Bolivia is another country where we support a boarding house, providing an opportunity for children to attend a Lutheran school. The struggles in Venezuela have limited any travel to our project site; however, faithful leaders are committed to provide Christian education to the children who attend. The mission site in Constitucion, Chile is preparing to open their afterschool program in the fall of 2018 to provide tutoring while sharing the Good News of our Savior.


Since 1998, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia – 146 project sites

LeadaChild collaborates with country program managers and Lutheran missionaries to provide support and over-site for the multiple countries and sites we support. Intense challenges exist with the advancement of Islam, the battles to fight disease such at Ebola, and the high level of poverty that most people experience throughout the region. We are evaluating ways to develop focused educational hubs at acceptable sites in hopes of discipling future leaders for the sake of the Church and local communities.