Sharing the Love of Jesus
with children around the world
they ride for LeadaChild, and you can help
Sharing the Love of Jesus
with children around the world
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Who We Are. What We Do.

LeadaChild is an independent Lutheran Mission Agency, dedicated to
sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love to children through Christian education in third world countries.

We gather gifts and donations from supporters and use the funds to provide scholarships, school registration, and supplies for children so that they can attend Lutheran schools and after school programs. We also provide professional development for leaders and teachers at our sites, with an emphasis on effective ways to share the Gospel and teach Biblical truths to children.

Whether our students experience modern classrooms with computers and desks, or are surrounded by woven grass walls, they are hearing about a Heavenly Father who loves them, A Son who has redeemed them from sin, death, and the devil, and a Spirit who fills their hearts with hope and salvation.

Serving children. Equipping teachers. Preparing Leaders.

World Regions


Education Sites


At Concordia Preparatory School, we teach the children who God is, and our focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ who came and lived amongst us, taught us the best things and died to make us perfect in the sight of God.

Rev. Nicholas Salifu, LeadaChild National Director, Ghana
Concordia Preparatory School in Northern Ghana

Upcoming Events

Jump for Joy

Oct:  Visits to churches and schools partially resumes

Nov:  Virtual Celebration and Auction / Annual Board Meeting (Nov. 13 & 14)


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Mission Advocates

Dr. Philip Frusti – Executive Director
Nury De Millian – Director of Latin American Projects
Lisa Hellyer – Director of Engagement and Outreach
Cassandra Frusti – Administratiive Assistant
Mark Zillinger – Vice President . Topeka, KS.
John Tape  – Vice President, St. Louis, MO
Linda Tape – Secretary . Wichita, KS
Greg Sprich – Treasurer . St. Louis, MO
Jim Curran –  Past President . Overland Park, KS

Nancy Jankowski – Shawnee, KS
Rev. Jeremy Klaustermeier – Warrenton, MO
Walt Lemmermann – San Fransisco, CA
Tyler Tollefson – Olathe, KS
Kent White – Estero, FL
Jan Jorns – Consulting Attorney . Turon, KS