…Equipping The Saints…

… for Building up The Body of Christ…
Before declaring the Great Commission to His disciples, Jesus spent a significant amount of time equipping them for the mission task ahead. He spent time with them, taught them, encouraged and exhorted them, debriefed with them after their mission experiences, prayed with them and for them. He invested in them so that they would be ready to take the lead in building up His kingdom.
In a small way, we follow this pattern with those who serve as teachers, pastors, and leaders at the educational project sites we support. Like the disciples, God has called them to serve the children and families at these sites; our calling at LeadaChild is to assist in their equipping.
Some financial assistance is very helpful; however, our greater involvement revolves around our prayers, our words of encouragement, our consultation and review of their ministry, and our sharing of effective ways to teach children and share the Good News of Jesus.
During LeadaChlld’s ‘Decade to Disciple,’ pray for us and send in your support through words of encouragement and through your generous financial gifts – enabling us to help equip those serving children and sharing His love through the gift of a Christian education.
Dr. Phil