Fervent Love

Toward God…Toward Others
February turns our attention toward love… and none is greater than the love our Lord has for us!  In fact, we can use the word ‘fervent’- an intense passion – to describe the kind of love that Jesus demonstrated through His active obedience of living a sinless life and His passive obedience of dying to defeat sin, death, and the devil.
As we consider God’s love this month, let’s reflect on the words we say in our own Lutheran liturgy – that we have “faith toward God and fervent love toward one another.”
We demonstrate our love of God when we simply trust in Him.  We trust in Him alone for forgiveness, life, and salvation.  We call upon Him through our prayers of praise and supplication. Through this faith, we express our love to Him.
And then, He turns our attention to those around us – in our family, church, school, and community – and calls us to that same kind of godly love that seeks what is best for our neighbors’ welfare… or as it is written in 1 John 4:19:  We love, because He first loved us.
Sure, our love won’t be perfect. We still struggle with sin, and we live in the midst of sinful people. Yet, through our simple actions of obedience that God teaches us in the commandments, we have the opportunity to share true, authentic love with those around us… and this brings glory to our Heavenly Father.
Dear friends of LeadaChild… be ‘fervent’ this February… and join us in our efforts to share God’s love with children all around the world!
Dr. Phil