Go to All Nations…

… Make Disciples
When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas, he landed in the Dominican Republic. From there, the Gospel began to spread throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Our Lutheran church body has been developing a ‘hub’ in Palmar Aribba (near Santiago) in order to prepare pastors, deaconesses, and teachers in the great and blessed task of making disciples throughout the Latin American region.
The facility was built around an existing Lutheran school that services children in this poor area where many work for the large tobacco companies planting and harvesting crops.
It’s significant that, at the base of the building, the school still operates… and faithful teachers continue to share the love of Jesus with the children from the community!
Our goal at LeadaChild is to promote Lutheran schools and afternoon schools as fundamental pillars of the ongoing great commission to spread the Gospel in Latin America. Please pray for the teachers and leaders as they connect children to the wonderful Gospel message of a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for them, of a Son named Jesus who redeemed them, and of a Spirit who fills their hearts with faith, hope, and eternal life.
Dr. Phil