Heirs of Heaven

“The Spirit Himself bears witness that we are children of God… and fellow heirs with Christ” Romans 8:16&17
A slave was someone who was never considered to be one who might receive an inheritance from the master. They were merely seen as property to accomplish tasks for their owner. Slaves had no real hope for the future.
In our fallen state, we were once considered slaves to sin… outside of any blessed inheritance. But through Christ’s work of redemption and the Spirit’s work of regeneration through water and the Word, we who believe are now adopted into the family of God… and our Heavenly Father has a wonderful, eternal inheritance planned for each one of us!
Pray that our mission of sharing Christ’s love through Christian education continues to lead many children from a life of slavery to one of new life in Christ… that wonderful inheritance that belongs to those in God’s family. Pray also for the teachers as they work daily and regularly share the Good News of Jesus at our LeadaChild project sites.
Dr. Phil