My Name on it…

… It Belongs to Me!
By this time in the school year, many younger students have begun to master the alphabet; they are practicing writing each letter they learn. Soon, they will be writing words… and the first word many learn to write is their own name; it’s exciting to see your name in print!
Parents also take advantage of this new skill by putting their child’s name on each of the items they take to school (coat, book bag, folders…). A child can look at a jacket hanging on a hook and say, “That’s my jacket, it has my name on it!”
Our Lord is also in the practice of putting HIs name on those who belong to Him. At our baptism, God’s name was placed upon each of us. We belong to Him. When sin, death, and the devil try to claim us as their own, God speaks up and says, “No way, that child belongs to me… see, I have placed my name on him!” Not only that, He has written the names of all HIs children in the book of life – we are HIs eternally.
At all of our LeadaChild project sites, the children are blest to have someone teaching them the alphabet and the wonderful gift of writing… and the blessings become far greater when they regularly hear the Good News that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has placed His name upon them and He calls them HIs own. Rejoice with us as many children are now realizing the truth of this verse:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by name; you are mine
(Isaiah 43:1)
Dr. Phil