No Doubt

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” John 20:29
When Thomas saw Jesus and touched His hands and side, he fell down and worshiped Him as his Lord and God. From that point on (by the strength of the Holy Spirit) Thomas boldly shared the Good News of Jesus as a faithful disciple.
The Holy Spirit also blesses today’s disciples with a confident faith in Christ, filling our hearts with peace, great hope, and joy. We didn’t physically touch Jesus’ hands and side, yet we are numbered among those mentioned in John 20:29: those who have not seen and yet believe.
Our prayer at LeadaChild is that many, many children who attend one of our international, educational project sites will also receive the wonderful gift of faith to believe in Jesus and learn how to boldly share their confident hope with their family, friends, and neighbors.
Thank you for being part of LeadaChild through your prayers and donations. Your partnership helps us to accomplish our mission of sharing the love of Jesus with children through the gift of a Christian education….so they too will have no doubt!
Dr. Phil