One Sows…

… Another Reaps
During my morning walk, I pass by this field that is ready to be harvested. It reminds me of our Lord’s words to HIs disciples recorded in John 4 regarding the ripe fields, the need for workers, and the phrase “one sows and another reaps” (vs. 37)
In the field of Christian education, we who have the privilege of seeing the harvest as we reap realize that others went before us to sow the seeds of the Good News of the Gospel. Education is a long-term process … often, the fruit of the harvest takes quite some time to develop and ripen.
During my time with LeadaChild, it has been a joy to see much of the harvest connected to our mission (see the article below); however, I know that many fellow missionaries, teachers, and pastors have gone before me, planting the seeds of faith and lovingly cultivating them so that many children have come to trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.
Pray that the Lord of the harvest continues to send out HIs workers – those teachers and pastors who are committed to the task of planting and cultivating so that many more children truly experience the love of Jesus through Christian education… and, in the Spirit’s timing, we all might rejoice in the bountiful harvest!
Dr. Phil