Spring Forward

“Behold, I make all things new!”
When seeds “die’ in the soil, they remarkably create new spring plants, adorned with color and flowers. By His death and resurrection, Jesus made it possible for new life to spring up in the lives of countless believers… and through the life-giving Word, the Spirit adorns many hearts with faith, hope, and eternal life.
Our Lord’s Great Commission to ‘Go, and make disciples’ has a spring-forward feel to it. Those called by the Lord go and seek out those who are lost in order to be found… those who are hurting in order to be healed… those who are prisoners in order to be free… those who only know death in order to experience new life.
Continue to pray for those who are called to serve at the educational project sites that LeadaChild supports. As they spread the seeds of the life-giving message of the Gospel and water the soil with grace and truth, the Spirit is at work creating new life… and those who come to faith are blossoming into colorful, adorning children of God.
Dr. Phil