Step by Step

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
a light unto my path
The gift of faith can come in an instant. The Holy Spirit works… and we believe. The Holy Spirit is the agent of grace; we are the blessed recipients.
However, the process of discipleship takes time. The Spirit, working through the Word, prunes us, molds us, and builds us up to be His witnesses in this world… to glorify God’s name and assist in building His kingdom.
In our fast-paced-instant-gratification world, we often forget that discipleship takes time. It is a life-long process. When we set the lofty goal of building disciples through Christian education, we quickly learn that the process isn’t quick. It is a decade or two of commitment to lead children through an educational program built upon God’s Word.
I am thankful for all of you who realize this commitment and have faithfully supported our LeadaChild mission throughout the years. Your prayers and gifts over the decades have helped many children realize the blessings of walkingstep by step with God’s Word in hand, learning to trust this lamp and light of the Holy Spirit to grow in the grace and wisdom of Christ.
Dr. Phil