The Wise Follow…

… The Light of Christ
At one of our sites in Nicaragua, the children assisted with the celebration of Epiphany by dressing as wise men and delivering the gifts to the Christ-child, reminding all in attendance about those who followed the light and the Word of God to find the Savior-King; they delivered the gold, frankincense, and myrrh… and they bowed down to worship Him.
Through the Word, the Holy Spirit shines the light of Christ unto all of us, and His wisdom leads us to Christ and His wonderful gifts of faith, hope, and eternal life.
At LeadaChild, we are grateful for the gift of Christian education. At our project sites in Nicaragua – and throughout Latin America, West Africa, and Asia – wise teachers, pastors, and leaders shine the light of Christ and share the Word with the children who attend. Many experience a true epiphany- a revelation – that God loves them dearly and that He is their Savior.
Join us in 2022 as we bow down and worship Him, thanking God for all He gives us through our Savior… and pray that many more children will be rejoicing in the light of Christ with us!
Dr. Phil