Way Maker

That Is Who You Are!
In the midst of these most challenging times -working around curfews, quarantines, lock downs, and very limited funds – God is opening doors and allowing some of our faithful leaders and teachers to open up their schools and after school programs. After many months, the children once again have the opportunity to receive a quality education… and daily hear the Good News about Jesus, our Savior.
When we find ourselves in the most difficult situations, God often steps in to accomplish the remarkable for His children. Indeed, when we are weak, He is strong.
A popular songs says it well:
You are
Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper
Light in the darkness
My God, that is who you are
Continue praying that Christ, the Light of the World, continues to shine brightly through the humble educational programs that LeadaChild supports. The children are so thankful to God … and to all of you who partner with us to share the love of Jesus through the gift of Christian education.
Dr. Phil