Agua Pura

One of the first things we locate when traveling through Latin America is “agua pura:” clean, pure, bottled water.  It is a staple of our diet so that we remain healthy throughout the trip. Drinking tap water may create some very unpleasant consequences!  Pure water is a precious commodity.
During this time in the season of Epiphany, we celebrate the baptism of Jesus.  As He entered the water, the heavens opened up and the Spirit came rushing down.  At His baptism, our Lord made all waters of baptism pure, life-giving grace. At our baptism, the Spirit came rushing down to fill us with saving faith.   As believers in Christ, our own baptisms now guarantee that heaven has been opened for us… eternal life is now our inheritance.
This Epiphany, pray that more and more children around the world receive the gift of the pure waters of baptism.  Help us make this happen through your participation and generosity as we share the love of Jesus through Christian education.
Dr. Phil

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