Finish the Race

I like to run.

Of course, my aging bones and joints may disagree. Still, I can manage to lace up my Nikes and jog a few times a week. July 4th was a big test as I participated in the Volkslaufe 5K run/walk in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I had two goals: finish the race and don’t get passed up by any walkers!

The Apostle Paul compares our faith walk to a race… not that we have to earn heaven by our own efforts, but by addressing the strain we feel from the daily challenges we experience as we run toward the finish line. There is pain, sweat, and sometimes – tears. We stumble often and skin our knees. We may even glance heavenward and ask “how much further, Lord?”

However, if we consider “why” we are running the race, it changes our perspective. The truth is we have already won the prize in Christ! By His perfect life, sacrificial death, and glorious resurrection, Jesus has given us the victory. The gift of faith from the Holy Spirit places the victory wreath on our heads; our baptism guarantees it!

So, if we have already won, why run? It’s for God’s glory; it’s for our neighbor.

Our life on this side of the finish line is now to be a witness to the goodness of God and his mercy, grace, and salvation found in Christ. We may not be the best “runners,” but by drawing the attention of others to the character, nature, and gifts of God, we honor our Lord and demonstrate His love to those whom we see along our path. Sometimes it’s difficult (like carrying our cross), but the reward of seeing those we invited to join us on this faith walk rejoicing on other side of the finish line… well, that’s priceless!

LeadaChild exists to invite children (and their families) from around the world to join us on our faith run/walk. Our means to do this is through Christian education (schools, after school programs, etc.). Thanks to all of you, many are hearing about the love of God… and about

Jesus, the one who gives each of us the victory!

LeadaChild is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

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