He Strengthens – Philippians 4:13
Walking down the street in Comayaguala, Honduras where Tulio Meza leads his after school program for the children in his neighborhood, I was busy looking down and carefully watching my steps to avoid any small children, misplaced articles, or stray dogs. At the end of the street, I looked up and saw this verse painted on the wall: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Quite often, we demonstrate the habit of relying on our own strength in attempting to accomplish God’s calling and work. We tend to look down at our own feet and efforts, rather than lifting up our eyes to see God’s clear message to trust in Him. He gently reminds us throughout Scripture to rely on His strength, not our own.
Spend some time in God’s Word counting the numerous times He reminds His children to look up and rely on His strength; and ask Him to help you realize the truth of Philippians 4:13. He not only guides us to avoid the small pitfalls right in front of our feet; He leads us to experience the power of His grace, mercy, and love in every place He calls us to walk.
Dr. Phil

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