Good News: Dedicated Servants!

One of the greatest joys of leading an international ministry focused on Christian education is meeting the teachers, principals, and pastors who serve their communities, schools, and children.
There are people like Alejandro Santos from La Union, El Salvador, who recently lost his wife to cancer, but still faithfully serves the children living in an impoverished area by providing an afterschool program filled with Bible stories, songs, and fun treats. …
…Or people like David Mena in San Salvador, El Salvador, who oversees a small, struggling school in an area of the city plagued with gang violence and poverty.
…Or people like Pastor Adrianna and his wife Cruz Maria, who fled Venezuala and are now serving as missionaries in Constitucion, Chile, developing a church and afterschool program in an area that was devastated by a tsunami a few years back….
… And the list goes on and on! Our mission – to share the love of Jesus with children around the world through Christian education – is accomplished through dedicated, passionate workers like these. They don’t have access to all we have in the states. Many of them work additional jobs because the ministry cannot provide enough support. Quite often, they go without so that those they serve can receive the blessings of a Christian education.
Yet, the good news is this: God is doing great things through the efforts of these humble, committed servants! The love of Christ and the message of saving grace are reaching many children because of them. Therefore, I encourage you to pray for them… and use your means to provide encouraging words, materials, and when possible – financial assistance. Help us lift up the arms of our faithful servants who make the LeadaChild mission become a reality!



LeadaChild is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

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