Summer 2018

This is year 51! After a special year celebrating 50 years of ministry, we move forward into a new era – yet with the same goal: to share the love of Jesus with children around the world through Christian education

Our 2018/19 theme is “Good News has a name… Jesus!” We rejoice that someone once shared the saving Gospel message with us so that we might believe and receive new life in Christ; and we see it as our privilege and calling to share that hope with others… a hope found in Jesus.

Dr. Phil   Executive Director


Here are some of the exciting ways that our friends, educators, schools, and churches are getting involved  to help us share that Good news with many children and families:

Last school year, we began a chapel program for our Lutheran schools in the states to learn about LeadaChild and to get involved in supporting children attending our international Lutheran schools in third world countries. During the school year, I had the opportunity to visit many schools throughout the states and join them for their chapel services. In this first year, the children in the participating schools gathered close to $20,000 for LeadaChild!

Good Shepherd is a vibrant congregation in Circle Pines, Minnesota. Pastor Ted and the leadership were moved to get actively involved in supporting an overseas church and educational mission. This year, a contingent traveled with me to Constitucion, Chile to help prepare a space for a brand new afterschool program and to develop a partnership for future encouragement, training, and support.

Working to always further our mission, we are initiating new plans to be able to offer our teachers and leaders more training. Best educational practices and effective ways to share the Gospel with children on a daily basis will be the initial focus. Workshops have been recently held in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, and Haiti. Our goal is to recruit teacher training teams from around the states who would have the passion and vision to develop a relationship with the teachers at one of our project sites and provide ongoing professional development.

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