Moving for Mission

We finally moved to Kansas. It took a while to sell our house in Arkansas; but after a year of open houses and showings, we closed on our former dwelling, loaded up the truck, and moved into our new place in Overland Park. A December move can be quite “adventurous,” especially when moving north. However, the weather was just about perfect for unloading all of our possessions.

I wonder what the weather was like when Mary and Joseph moved down to Bethlehem that first Christmas. They had to travel by foot and donkey… carrying the soon-to-be-born Savior of the world. No easy task…
… and, I wonder what it was like for Jesus to leave His throne on high and move to earth in order to live a humble life and die a sacrificial death.
Mission involves moving. It may mean a literal move; but it might also mean a move to action: actions of prayer, actions of giving to support the mission, actions of encouragement to those who are sent… and sometimes, actions of going on a trip to visit mission sites and assist with the important work of sharing the Good News of Christ and His saving work. There is a sacrificial side to “moving,” but great joy in the accomplishment of the mission! (Hebrews 12:2)
I am grateful for all of you who have answered the call to “move” for the sake of the mission of LeadaChild. Many, many children and families have been blessed through your participation and sacrifice. Someday, when we all move to our new eternal home that Christ builds for us, we will all rejoice in what Christ has accomplished in us and through us!



LeadaChild is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

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