Outside, Looking In

Opening Doors for Children
When we arrived at Resurrection Lutheran School in Gualan, we saw these two children from the neighborhood… on the outside, looking in.
The students of the school were all assembled for a special program on Valentine’s Day. The theme for the day was 1Corinthians 13: God’s great love for us. The children in the neighborhood were drawn to see what was happening at the Lutheran school.
This is one of our great challenges when we arrive at our project sites: to see so many children on the outside, hoping for an opportunity to receive a quality education… hoping to hear more about this God who loves us so much.
It’s like this wherever we go.
Now, we know we can’t serve every child. But, with your help, we can impact the lives of thousands of children as we provide scholarships, support the leadership, and provide training for the teachers so that they create a great learning environment and share the Good News of Jesus, our Savior.
                                                          Dr. Phil

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