…A Children’s Story
I saw this statue at the arboretum in Overland Park, KS; it reminds me of the redemption story (from an old Catechism supplement book) that I share during our teacher training sessions with our international teachers. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version:
A boy makes a beautiful wooden boat; when he takes it down to the river to sail it, he loses it when a large wind comes and carries the boat away.
The next week, he sees his boat in a store window. He rushes into the store to proclaim, “That’s my boat!” The storekeeper tells him, “You can have it if you bring in money to buy it.”
So the determined boy goes home and works diligently, cutting grass, washing cars, and doing other chores in order to raise enough money. He goes back to the store and buys back his boat… on the way out of the shop, he says to the boat,”You are mine twice – first I made you, then I bought you back!”
Redemption: Our Lord buying us back with His precious blood and innocent death on the cross!
Working with the leaders and teachers at our Leadachild project sites, we are committed to help them learn ways to connect children to the great promises found in God’s Word. It’s our hope that all the children who attend the schools and after school programs we support come to know the love that Jesus, our Redeemer, has for each one of them!
Dr. Phil

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