The Next Day

Lutheran churches around the world have been celebrating the 500th anniversary of the

Reformation, remembering October 31, 1517 when Luther nailed the 95 Theses onto the church doors in Wittenburg.
But it would have been the next day, All Saints Day, when folks would have walked through those doors and read the message that Luther posted. That’s when the message spread – to the town, to the villages, to other nations.
Our personal “reformation” day happened when God sent the message of His saving grace to us. He posted the truth upon our hearts and the Holy Spirit created live-giving faith. Now, we are numbered as one of the saints, a child of God.
I find it intriguing that the day following Reformation Day is called All Saints Day. It includes those who have gone on to heaven before us, those presently who believe and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and those yet to hear the Word and trust in Christ.
For us who believe, the next day has much to do with getting the truth out to those who have yet to hear.
The mission of LeadaChild is all about our own next days; we are called to share the love of Jesus with others. LeadaChild uses the vehicle of Christian education as children and families connected with the international ministries we support hear the Good News of the Gospel and come to faith in Christ.
Thank you for joining us in the next days as we work together to support these Christian educational ministries located in places all over the world. Picture the Holy Spirit posting the wonderful truth of mercy and grace into the heart of a child… and claiming the child as one of
His own!



LeadaChild is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

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