The Value of a Christian Education

During my recent trip to El Salvador, I met a girl named Rocio. She previously attended the Lutheran school in San Salvador (the capitol city of El Salvador). When she heard that we were coming to visit the school, she just had to come and meet us.

Rocio spends time assisting her father with his car repair business… fixing flat tires, oil changes, etc. However, she is also attending school to become a lawyer; and she is thankful for the Christian education she received from the Lutheran school. (She has also learned to speak English and assists with translating for visiting mission teams)
The ‘LEAD’ in LeadaChild is an acrostic: Lutherans Educating And Discipling. We desire to support Christian educational ministries that provide children the temporal blessings of a solid education and the eternal blessings that come through faith in Christ our Savior.
I picture Rocio developing into an excellent lawyer who can provide for herself and her family… and a vibrant Christian who continues to witness to many people in San Salvador.
Keep her in your prayers, along with all those young people attending schools and afterschool programs at our LeadaChild sites. God is working to raise up a mighty generation who will be great leaders for the Church, for families, and for the countries where God has called them to live and serve Him!
Thank you for supporting this tremendous work accomplished through Christian education.



LeadaChild is a Recognized Service Organization of the LCMS

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